Great photo shoot today

Fantastic shoot today with Liam & Tracy at the studio

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Photo3 launch new 5 point modelling safety advice for new models

Photo3 have launched a new 5 point modelling guide to protect models from model agency rip offs.

New models are particularly vulnerable to exploitation due to their lack of industry knowledge and understanding of how modelling agencies work. The five points that all new models considering a career as a model should consider are:

1. Is it an agency?

Make sure you know what the company are offering and if they are actually an agency. Many companies that appear to be model agencies are not and will not find models work. A common scam is to be approached on the street by someone claiming to be an agency and that they have work for you but need you to get a portfolio first. Real agencies do not work like this!

2. Free photo shoots

You may be offered what appears to be a free photo shoot by various companies in London and elsewhere. Generally they state that they cover the cost of the studio and makeup artist. What they don’t tell you up front is that you still have to pay for the photos, this may also be dressed up as paying for the copyright of the photos but either way is likely to cost you up to £1000.

3. You do not need to buy a portfolio before being signed to an agency

A model agency only need to see snapshots to decide if they want to meet you. They will not sign you without meeting you and will definitely not require any money.

4. You do not need to pay any fees to join an agency

A genuine agency will not require you to pay any fees to join it. Real agencies make their money from commission on modelling jobs that they get you.

5. Take a friend or parent

Some fake modelling companies insist on this so that your parent is available with a ready source of money to pay for photos after your shoot but having an independent and preferable sceptical parent with you should help avoid expensive and rash decisions being made in the heat of the moment.

We have heard examples where someone has paid their rent money for photos at a shoot – whatever you do, make sure you do not pay out money you cannot afford or take out long credit agreements to pay for photos/representation. These routes will not get you into modelling.

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Welcome to Kent Photo – The Blog by Andy James of Photo3 Solutions Ltd

Hello from photo3, this is my new blog to tell the world what we are up to!

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